Brandon Air Conditioning Tips

Brandon Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

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Today, we want to share some normal things that any homeowner can do to keep their AC unit running effectively and perhaps even less commonly throughout the warm months. Keeps plants cut back around the unit Let’s face it, outdoor air conditioning condensers are unsightly and it appears that homeowners will do their best to hide them from sight. Plants, fences and trellises tend to be popular ways to go about doing this cover-up. Yet, AC units need an adequate quantity of air flow around all sides in order to perform at peak efficiency. This is why specialists suggest that landscaping...

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Recycle Water From a Brandon Air Conditioner

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For those that enjoy recycling and being energy conscious with the preservation of the home’s natural resources, right here is a terrific suggestion from us on exactly how to doing this with water. Recycling the water from one Brandon MS air conditioner’s condensation pipe. How Air Conditioning Condensation Water Recycling Works Be it a window air conditioner or a whole home cooling system, the system will have a condensation pipe that drains the water from the ac unit. As moisture is drawn from the outdoors air to be made use of for the air conditioner, it is this moisture or...

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