Recycle Water From a Brandon Air Conditioner

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For those that enjoy recycling and being energy conscious with the preservation of the home’s natural resources, right here is a terrific suggestion from us on exactly how to doing this with water. Recycling the water from one Brandon MS air conditioner’s condensation pipe.

How Air Conditioning Condensation Water Recycling Works

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Be it a window air conditioner or a whole home cooling system, the system will have a condensation pipe that drains the water from the ac unit. As moisture is drawn from the outdoors air to be made use of for the air conditioner, it is this moisture or water that comes out of the condensation pipe.

It is not a great deal of water that comes through, depending upon the environment one resides in, however ought to be adequate to irrigate small plants and vegetables that are grown nearby. One could even route the condensation pipes to be directed to the plantings. Or, the water might empty into a bucket to be used for watering then.

With having a pipe carry the water to the plants would be convenient to have if one was to go on a trip and not be home to water throughout the middle of the summer! Be thoughtful of the size of the plants if planted close to the a/c unit, so they do not get too tall and wide and block the correct air flow to the unit. At the same time, the plants can make an appealing screen to conceal the ac unit too.

Let Air Conditioning Repair Brandon MS know what you come up with – we would love to hear from you. Check out our other air conditioning repair pointers in our blog next.

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